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Welcome to the Multimedia page.  

Notice!  Since we have started live streaming our services, the full services are now available on our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.  Older services are still available as audio links below.

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High definition copies of our services can be viewed later in the week on our Christ Church Mckeansburg YouTube Channel.

Organized Podcast - click the link below to subscribe to the organized Podcast.  This will have the last five episodes (sermons) in one Podcast.  To listen to past sermons, please use the mp3 links available in the table below.

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02/02/2020 Blessed are the poor and those who mourn
01/27/2020 T is for Trust
01/19/2020 Not Available
01/12/2020 My Star Trek Phone
01/05/2020 Rev Mark Shellhamer Ordination Service
01/05/2020 Who Do You Think You Are?
12/29/2019 A Punch in the Gut
12/24/2019 Advent Drama: "Purity the Christ Candle"   Sermon: No Room, No Time, No Need
12/22/2019 Sunday School Play The Night The Animals Sang By: Katherine Babb
12/15/2019 Advent Drama: "Joy the Shepherd's Candle"  Sermon: The Recipe for Joy
12/08/2019 Advent Drama: Faith the Bethlehem Candle Sermon: The God Who Sorts
12/01/2019 The Quality of Our Waiting
11/24/2019 Mike Sheridan from Common Ground Retreat
11/17/2019 Do Not Be Deceived
11/10/2019 No Sermon Title Available - Tony Romberger's membership ceremony
11/03/2019 No One Loves Kanye Like Kanye Jesus Loves Kanye
10/27/2019 Do You Have the Spirit?
10/20/2019 Not Available
10/13/2019 Too Many Indians Not Enough Chiefs
10/06/2019 Track and Field
Missing Data Not Available - Coming Soon
03/24/2019 This is Too Depressing
03/17/2019 Chicken Little Big Mad - Pastor Mark Shellhamer
03/10/2019 Facing the Bully
03/06/2019 'Neath Vine and Fig Tree
03/03/2019 Missionaries Mark and Valerie Colie
02/24/2019 Heavenly Fixer Upper
02/17/2019 FOMO by Pastor Jonathan Heim
Missing Data Not Available - Coming Soon
09/30/2018 The Bible's Greatest Hits - Jeremiah 29:11
09/23/2018 The Bible's Greatest Hits - Lamentations 3:22,23
09/16/2018 The Bible's Greatest Hits - John 3:16
09/09/2018 The Bible's Greatest Hits - Romans 8:28
09/02/2018 The Bible's Greatest Hits - Philippians 4:13
Missing Dates Not Available - Coming Soon
07/01/2018 I Choose Joy- Youth Sunday Speaker Brandon Sherer
Music Video referenced by Brandon in the Sermon
For King and Country - I Choose Joy
Missing Dates Not Available - Coming Soon
01/28/2018 The Devil Made Me Do It
01/21/2018 God is Pro-Life
01/14/2018 Discipleship
01/07/2018 What's the Big Deal with Baptism?
12/31/2017 Mommy & Daddy & Baby Make Three
12/24/2017 Christmas Eve Service
12/24/2017 Lessons and Carols
12/17/2017 Sunday School Children's Play "Just A Little Christmas"
12/10/2017 Putting Out Brush Fires
12/03/2017 Be Nice
11/26/2017 Don't Steal My Party Hat
11/19/2017 Special Program: God's Chuck Wagon
11/12/2017 Glowing for the Gospel
11/05/2017 Rising Down the Ladder
10/29/2017 Make My Joy Complete
10/22/2017 Sprechen Sie Deutsch
10/15/2017 Landing On Your Feet
10/08/2017 Life is Not Fair
10/01/2017 Not Available - Technical Issues
09/24/2017 Not Available - Technical Issues
09/17/2017 God Is Faithful
09/10/2017 What's In It For Me?
09/03/2017 Things That Pinch
08/27/2017 Be Transformed
08/20/2017 Faith of the Children by Seminarian Jonathan Heim
08/13/2017 Come Out On the Water by Seminarian Jonathan Heim
08/06/2017 Of Kings and Prophets by Seminarian Jonathan Heim
07/30/2017 The Power to Conquer by Seminarian Jonathan Heim
07/23/2017 Your Future Has Been Written by Seminarian Jonathan Heim
07/16/2017 Dirt
07/09/2017 The Master Technician
07/02/2017 Whose Slave Are You?
06/25/2017 Jesus Unplugged
06/18/2017 Father's Day
06/11/2017 Marching Orders for the Church
06/04/2017 Spirit in the Sky
05/28/2017 A Tale of Two Cities - by Wade Fluke
05/21/2017 Not Available - Technical Issues
05/14/2017 2 Kings 4:8-37
05/07/2017 I Am
04/30/2017 Not What We Signed Up For
04/23/2017 Hear Me Now and Believe Me Later! 
(The Gospel according to Hans & Franz)
04/16/2017 I'm Happy
04/14/2017 (Good Friday) Can Anything Good Come From Nazareth
04/9/2017 There's A New Sheriff In Town

Charlie the Cricket visits for the Children's Sermon!

04/2/2017 You Raise Me Up
03/26/2017 Tragedies

Charlie the Butterfly visits for the Children's Sermon!

03/19/2017 Not Available - Technical Issues

Freddie  the Frog visits for the Children's Sermon!

03/12/2017 Born Again? Who Needs It?

Malcom the Mouse visits for the Children's Sermon!

03/05/2017 Tempted by Temptation

Bernie the Bunny visits for the Children's Sermon!

03/01/2017 Point of No Return
02/26/2017 Hell is Hot
02/19/2017 A Bad Attitude
02/12/2017 Is Truth True?
02/05/2017 Salt and Light
01/29/2017 The Measure of a Man/Woman
01/22/2017 Not Available - Technical Issues
01/15/2017 What Are You Looking For?
01/08/2017 Not Available - Technical Issues
01/01/2017 Don't Worry, Be Happy
12/25/2016 Not Available
12/24/2016 Darkness and Light
12/18/2016 Children's Christmas Program: "It All Happened In the Country"
12/11/2016 Comfort or Comfortable, You Choose
12/04/2016 Whack-A-Mole
11/27/2016 Duck and Cover
11/20/2016 Special Program:Teen Challenge
11/13/2016 Making Every Day Count
11/06/2016 What Politics Do You Practice?
10/30/2016 Ulrich Zwingli
10/23/2016 Just As I Am
10/16/2016 The Older I get the Dumber I Get
10/09/2016 Praise, Worship, and Giving Thanks
10/02/2016 World Wide Communion
09/25/2016 Guest: Reverend Darnell Golphin Assistant Pastor at The Church of Broken Pieces
09/18/2016 Worldly Wealth and True Riches
09/11/2016 Join the Celebration
09/04/2016 Cheap Crosses
08/28/2016 Humble or Arrogant
08/21/2016 What Spirit Is Crippling You
08/14/2016 Pray As You Go - TAG youth from the Mission Trip
08/07/2016 The Countdown Has Begun
07/31/2016 Remembering the Fundamentals - Assistant Youth Pastor Jon Heim
07/24/2016 Encore Presentation
07/17/2016 Who Are You?
07/10/2016 Child Evangelism Fellowship by Jimmy Dietrich and Shelly Hikes
07/03/2016 Patriotism
06/26/2016 A Level Playing Field

Maranatha Productions Drama:"Parable of the Lost Son & Loving Father"

06/12/2016 What Is Your Testimony?
06/05/2016 Gospel 101
05/29/2016 Mountaintop Memorial bv Elder Wade Fluke
05/22/2016 Graduation Sunday
05/15/2016 Confirmation Sunday! Dancing with the Star
05/08/2016 Guest Speaker Elva Hurst, Chalk Art Talk

Message is not available, here is some links to her website and a youtube video

05/01/2016 Blessed Assurance
04/24/2016 Gideon Presentation by Glenn Claypoole
04/17/2016 Tax Day
04/10/2016 Impossible Year
04/03/2016 Not Available
03/27/2016 Watchers
03/20/2016 Lent #6
03/13/2016 Lent #5
03/06/2016 Lent #4
02/28/2016 Lent #3
02/21/2016 Lent #2
02/14/2016 Lent #1
02/07/2016 They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love
01/31/2016 Loneliness 101 guest speaker Connie Fetzer
01/24/2016 Not Available
01/17/2016 Water Comes With the Meal guest speaker Wade Fluke
01/10/2016 Understanding Why We Do What We Do
01/03/2016 Look to the Light
12/27/2015 Not Available
12/24/2015 And the Earth Shook
12/20/2015 Children's Christmas Program "A Tree Lot Christmas-Joining Jesus' Family Tree"
12/13/2015 Road to Nowhere
12/06/2015 You Can't Go Home Again
11/29/2015 You Better Watch Out!
11/22/2015 Pastor Bob Alonge founder of "The Community Mission" in Pottsville-Homeless Shelter
11/15/2015 Living Every Day with Christ
11/08/2015 There's More to It Than That
11/01/2015 All Things New
10/25/2015 The Nature of Truth
10/18/2015 The Will of God
10/11/2015 Anything But God
10/04/2015 Maranatha Productions presents: "Daniel, Bold to Pray" - not available
09/27/2015 What Will You Give Up?
09/20/2015 What Is Greatness?
09/13/2015 Saying Goodbye to Jess
09/06/2015 Living on the Battlefield
08/30/2015 More Jesus - Youth Sunday with J2O
08/23/2015 When is Your Baby Due?
08/16/2015 The Pickerings were here!  Go to their website to see what they're all about.
08/09/2015 Sticks and Stones
08/02/2015 Being Hypocrites
07/26/2015 Falling Madly in Love with God
07/19/2015 Big Yellow Taxi Redux guest speaker Wade Fluke
07/12/2015 Why We Do What We Do
07/05/2015 Knowing What You're Dumb At
06/28/2015 The Joy of Giving
06/21/2015 Not Available
06/14/2015 Living a Life That Matters
06/07/2015 Urukundo Ministry guest speaker Mama Arlene
05/31/2015 Feed Your Faith, Not Your Fear guest speaker Joshua Gruver
05/24/2015 Some Thoughts On Memorial Day
05/17/2015 The Life is in the Blood
05/10/2015 What is God Like?  Special music dedicated to Mama Barnes - American Noise, recorded by Skillet
05/03/2015 Who Sticks Out
04/26/2015 Counterfeits
04/19/2015 What is Real?
04/12/2015 Doubting Thomas
04/05/2015 While It Was Still Dark
04/03/2015 Where Do You Stand?  Good Friday Service
03/29/2015 I Love a Parade
03/22/2015 You are the Potter, I am the Clay
03/15/2015 The Rules Have Changed
03/08/2015 Mysteries of the Spirit by Jess Noll
03/01/2015 Doing God a Favor
02/22/2015 More about Trumpets Than You Want to Know
02/15/2015 Burdens, Crosses, & Light
02/08/2015 Hi Ho Hi Ho, It's Off to Work We Go
02/06/2015 Cindy Barnes' Memorial Service - To Be First
02/01/2015 Who Is God Rooting For?
01/25/2015 A Tale of Two Brothers
01/19/2015 Can Anything Good Come From Nazareth?
01/11/2015 The Secret Message
01/04/2015 Rather Be... by Youth Speaker MyKaela Neifert
12/28/2014 The Official Temple Baby Holder
12/21/2014 Children's Program - David's Dynasty arranged by Christopher Davis, Directed by Terry Fluke
12/14/2014 This is War
12/07/2014 Baptism with the Holy Spirit?
11/30/2014 Stand Firm to the End
11/23/2014 Guest Speaker Dr. Priscilla Benner from the MAMA Project
11/16/2014 What's Fair?
11/09/2014 All In The Family
11/02/2014 No One Gets Out Alive
10/26/2014 The Defensive Line
10/19/2014 Real or Fake
10/012/2014 The Social Network Curse
10/05/2014 World Wide Communion
09/28/2014 Are Christians Becoming Grey?
09/21/2014 Que Sera Sera
09/14/2014 Who We Are = Youth Sunday Speaker Kimberly Pimble
Special Music by J2O
Battle - recorded by Chris August
Manifesto - recorded by The City Harmonic
Who We Are - recorded by Switchfoot
09/07/2014 Ice Bucket Challenge
08/31/2014 A Holy Prescription
08/24/2014 Get Over Yourself
08/17/2014 What Are You Afraid Of?
08/10/2014 Too Busy? Too Tired? Too Available? - Terry Fluke
08/03/2014 Who Needs a Vacation?
07/27/2014 God's Purpose
07/20/2014 Peace, Like a River
07/13/2014 Church Picnic - The Family of God
07/06/2014 Not Available
06/29/2014 When God Doesn't Intervene
06/22/2014 The Power of Friendship - Youth Sunday Speakers Lexi Sterner and Sophia Staskowski
For Good - Special Music by Lexi Sterner and Sophia Staskowski
06/15/2014 Learning From the Best
06/08/2014 The Truth Will Set You Free - Confirmation Sunday
06/01/2014 What about the New Age Movement?
05/25/2014 Not Available
05/18/2014 Decisions Decisions
05/11/2014 Being A Good Mother
05/04/2014 Should I Be Armed? Part 2
04/27/2014 Should I Be Armed?
04/20/2014 Is God Dead?
The Way He Was Raised - Special Music by J2O, Lead Singers Jon Heim and Joy Nairn
04/13/2014 Palm Sunday
04/06/2014 Christianity 101- Authority
03/30/2014 God is Never Gone - Youth Sunday Speaker Jacob Staskowski
Never Gone - Special Music by J2O, Lead Singers Jacob Staskowski and Kimberly Pimble
03/23/2014 Christianity 101 - According to Billy Graham
03/16/2014 Christianity 101 - Attitude
03/09/2014 Christianity 101 - Godliness
03/02/2014 Christianity 101-Beyond the Walls
02/23/2014 "To The Future With Love"  A message written by Rev. Dale Shellhamer and delivered by Mark Shellhamer
Special Music by J2O:
Matt Maher - Hold Us Together, Lead Singers Mark Shellhamer and Jess Noll.  
The Script - This = Love, Lead Singers Alexis Sterner and Sophia Staskowski
02/16/2014 We can't stop trying to "make pancakes" for God - Terry Fluke
02/09/2014 Put a Rock in it = Wade Fluke
02/02/2014 Growth Through Service - Allen Mantz
01/26/2014 Don't Lose Sight - by Joshua Gruver. Special music by Jamie Fegley, Laurisa, Blake, Lacey, and Joshy Gruver.  Children's sermon by Laura Gruver.
01/19/2014 Intermission Intercession - by the Christ Church men's group known as the "Band of Brothers".  Offering song by Tom Bossum, Offering Prayer by Dave Pimble, Children's message by Russell Noll and Mark Shellhamer, Sermon by Robert Gamble.
01/12/2014 Christianity 101 - Relaxation
01/05/2014 Christianity 101 - Prayer
12/29/2013 Youth Sunday - Jesus Saves
12/22/2013 Coming Soon - Children's Sunday School Christmas Program
12/15/2013 Not Available
12/08/2013 Christianity 101 - Aging
12/01/2013 Not Available
11/24/2013 Thank Offering message: CareNet Ministries
11/17/2013 Christianity 101 - Integrity
11/10/2013 Christianity 101 - Money
11/03/2013 Christianity 101 - Purity
10/27/2013 The Truth Will Set You Free
10/20/2013 Our Rally Day Guests:  The Gospel Harmony Echos
10/13/2013 Christianity 101-Encouragement
10/06/2013 Get a Grip on Involvement
09/29/2013 Bully
09/22/2013 Get a Grip on Priorities
09/15/2013 Faith, Farm, and Family
09/08/2013 Do Overs
09/01/2013 Self-Control
08/25/2013 Gentleness
08/18/2013 Mission Trip Sunday - Foundations
08/11/2013 Faithfulness
08/04/2013 Kindness and Goodness
07/28/2013 Not Available
07/21/2013 Peace
07/14/2013 Church Picnic
07/07/2013 One Body
06/30/2013 Give Credit Where Credit is Due - joined in progress
06/23/2013 World War Z
06/16/2013 A Time Such as This
06/09/2013 Youth Sunday - David Fish, Jon Heim, Tonya DeCindio
05/26/2013 Remember ALL - Rob Gamble
05/19/2013 Not Parakeet, Paraclete
05/12/2013 Guest Speaker Mama Arlene from Rwanda
05/05/2013 Sermon
04/28/2013 Sermon
04/21/2013 Gideon Wilbert Fegley, Schuylkill East Camp
04/14/2013 2 Samuel 16:5-14; 19:16-23
04/07/2013 Sermon
03/31/2013 Good News From The Graveyard
03/24/2013 2 Samuel 12-I Kings 2
03/17/2013 2 Samuel 3:1-5; 13:1-39
03/10/2013 Me Without You - Kimberly Pimble
J2O - Me Without You
03/03/2013 2 Samuel 3:1-5; 13:1-39
02/24/2013 2 Samuel 12:1-15
02/17/2013 2 Samuel 11:1-27
02/10/2013 2 Samuel 8
02/03/2013 2 Samuel 7
01/27/2013 2 Samuel 6:1-19
01/20/2013 All who hate me love death
01/13/2013 2 Samuel 5: 1-25
01/06/2013 Your Worth to God - Tyler Shellhamer
12/30/2012 And Whatever You Do
12/23/2012 Children's Sunday School Program - The Next Noel
12/16/2012 1 Samuel 24:1-22
12/09/2012 Provenance
12/02/2012 A Revolutionary Faith
11/25/2012 2 Samuel 3:1-19
11/18/2012 Rosemary Cairns Director of the Pottsville Soup Kitchen
11/11/2012 2 Samuel 2
11/04/2012 Not Available
10/28/2012 I Samuel 31
10/21/2012 1 Samuel 30:6-31
10/14/2012 Michael Bensinger - Am I a Rich Man?
10/07/2012 1 Samuel 25:1-42
09/30/2012 Youth Sunday Message by Mark Shellhamer
Sermon - Love Is The Only Way

J2O - You Fail Us Not

J2O - Let Us Love

J2O - They'll Know We Are Christians
09/23/2012 1 Samuel 24:1-22
09/16/2012 1 Samuel 22:1; Psalm 142
09/09/2012 1 Samuel 18:6-21:15
09/02/2012 1 Samuel 17:55-18:9
08/26/2012 1 Samuel 17
08/19/2012 1 Samuel 16:1-13
08/18/2012 Christ Church Retreat Saturday Night Devotional
08/12/2012 I Samuel
08/05/2012 The Bread of Life
07/29/2012 Pop Quiz - Emily Stemmler
J2O - Until The Whole World Hears
07/22/2012 Therefore........
07/15/2012 Chris McCarthy from Child Evangelism Fellowship
07/08/2012 Be Healed
07/01/2012 Sermon Not Available
06/24/2012 Why Church?
06/17/2012 Fathers are Important
J2O - I Will Follow You

J2O - Amen
06/10/2012 Sermon Not Available
06/03/2012 A Confirmation Dance
05/27/2012 A Memorial Day Prayer
05/20/2012 The Lie Every Christian Tells
05/13/2012 Stupid Christian Tricks
05/06/2012 Church of the Living Dead
04/29/2012 Learning to Fly
04/22/2012 Who is this Jesus - Elder Allen Mantz
04/15/2012 Did you know?
04/08/2012 Easter Cantata: "No More Night"
04/01/2012 Palm Sunday
03/25/2012 Are You Listening?
03/18/2012 Your Love Is A Mystery - Jordan Fish
J2O - Your Love Is A Mystery
03/11/2012 Time to Clean our Own House
03/04/2012 How's the View?
02/26/2012 Jeremy Lin and Something Amazing
02/19/2012 Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
02/12/2012 We are all Lepers
02/05/2012 What is the Church?
01/29/2012 The Life Book Movement - Mark Shellhamer
J2O - Stereo Hearts
01/22/2012 God's Gift
01/15/2012 Let's Talk About Sex
01/08/2012 Struggles - David Fish - Full Service
Struggles - David Fish - Sermon Only
J2O - What This World Needs
J2O - Hope You See Jesus
12/25/2011 Come Home
12/24/2011 Zion Christmas Eve Service - If The Truth Be Told
Christ Christmas Eve Service - Rev Robert Burkey The Great and Wonderful Gift
12/18/2011 Children's Christmas Program at Christ
12/11/2011 Hope
12/04/2011 The Call is Ours
11/27/2011 Play the Cards Your Dealt
11/20/2011 Andy Merrick from Christian Missionary Technical Service, Bernville
11/13/2011 Stop Praying
11/06/2011 Strengthening Your Relationship Youth Sunday Speaker: Jess Noll
10/30/2011 Reaping What You Sow
10/23/2011 Rally Day - No Audio Available
10/16/2011 Be responsible
10/09/2011 I'll Meet You There
10/02/2011 Guest Missionary - Rev. Greg Hutchins
09/25/2011 The Gospel According to Liam Neeson 
Youth Pastor Mark Shellhamer
09/18/2011 Whatever Happens
09/11/2011 Fall Harvest
09/04/2011 Making Time for Friends
08/28/2011 Services Cancelled Due to Hurricane
08/21/2011 Tell 'Em! Part II Youth Pastor Mark Shellhamer
J2O - How the Lost Get Found
08/14/2011 Tell 'Em! - Youth Pastor Mark Shellhamer
08/07/2011 If Only Shelly Hikes and Jennifer Steffy from Child Evangelism Fellowship
07/31/2011 Free to Be Me - Youth Sunday with guest preacher Tonya DeCindio and music by J2O
07/24/2011 Christian Happiness
07/17/2011 Why are you acting like orphans?
07/10/2011 Knowledge or Understanding?
07/09/2011 Tom Fetzer Memorial Service
07/03/2011 Built on the Rock
06/26/2011 Jesus Unplugged
06/19/2011 Dad, Let's have a word
J2O - Little Lies
06/12/2011 The Bad News of Jesus Christ
06/05/2011 Words of Encouragement
05/29/2011 Youth Service at Hickory Run: Jon Heim - Calling
Jon Heim - Solo - Come On

Regular service not available due to technical difficulties

05/22/2011 It's Decision Time
05/15/2011 Shut the Door
Christ Choir - Jesus is Waiting
05/08/2011 No Mirrors in My Nana's House
J2O & Christ/Zion Congregation - Never Be Shaken

J2O - Jess Noll - For Your Glory
05/01/2011 Easter Cantata - The King is Coming!
04/24/2011 The Wrong End of the Stick
04/17/2011 A Day of Applause
04/10/2011 The Purpose of the Passion
04/03/2011 Not Available
03/27/2011 I Stand by the Door
03/20/2011 Not Available
03/13/2011 Erica Thompson - OMS ministry in Haiti
03/06/2011 What's the point?
02/27/2011 Life's Three Guides
02/20/2011 Guest Speaker Clare Longuevan - Running the Race
02/13/2011 The Gospel According to Keanu Reeves
02/06/2011 Be Wise
01/30/2011 Are We A Pro Bowl Or Super Bowl Church?  Guest Preacher Jonathan Heim.  Also, music by J2O and Children's Sermon by Tonya DeCindio.
01/23/2011 The Hatfield's & The McCoy's
01/16/2011 Remember to Exercise
01/09/2011 God's Messengers
01/02/2011 Making Good New Year's Resolutions
12/31/2010 A New Day's Resolution  Guest Preacher Jonathan Heim
12/26/2010 Christ Zion Cantata - Hope Has Hands  128 kbs mp3 file
12/19/2010 Coming Soon - Video of Sunday School Program!
12/12/2010 Never Give Up
12/05/2010 The Secret of Life
11/28/2010 Hurry Up and Wait
11/21/2010 Not Available
11/14/2010 Falling Back
11/07/2010 The Value of Remembering
10/31/2010 Did You Mean Me? First Youth Sunday, Service by TAG (Teens About God).  Speakers: Mark Shellhamer, Jess Noll, Tonya DeCindio, Jordan Fish, Allen Mantz, Jon Heim.
10/24/2010 Who Do You Trust?
10/17/2010 You Can Count on God
10/10/2010 Not Available
10/03/2010 For the Generations to Come
09/26/2010 Not Available
09/19/2010 Don't forget where you came from (Philemon Part 3)
09/12/2010 Doing Things God's Way (Philemon Part 2)
09/05/2010 The Ties That Bind (Philemon Part 1)
08/29/2010 Not Available
08/22/2010 David Danced
08/15/2010 Play With Fire, Get Burned
08/08/2010 Not Available
08/01/2010 What's the Point?
07/25/2010 What Foundation Are You Building On?
07/18/2010 Are You Convinced?
07/11/2010 When Did We Learn To Be Embarrassed?
07/04/2010 Our Freedom Comes from God
06/27/2010 The Gospel According to the Graduate
06/20/2010 Sermon Not Available
J2O Performance - You've Got Something to Say
06/13/2010 It's Not the Judging That's Bad
06/06/2010 The Geography of Christianity
05/30/2010 Memorial Day Guest Speaker - Bill Shaner
05/23/2010 Whine or Wine (Includes Confirmation Ceremony
05/16/2010 Guest Speaker Gideon Terry Gerber
05/09/2010 Mother In-Law or Out-Law?
05/02/2010 Not Available
04/25/2010 Compassion Sunday - Special J2O Performance
J2O - Give Me Your Eyes
04/18/2010 Gone Fishin'
04/11/2010 What Can The Holy Spirit Do Through You? - Guest Preacher Allen Mantz
04/04/2010 Christ Is Risen - He Is Risen Indeed!
03/28/2010 The Day the Music Died
03/21/2010 Can You See?
03/14/2010 Do You Have The Key?
03/07/2010 The Gospel According to Joe Snedeker
02/28/2010 What Have You Given Up for Lent?
02/21/2010 Time to Update Your Resume
02/14/2010 Valentines Day All Year Long
02/07/2010 Dry Feet
01/31/2010 Grow Up! - Guest Preacher Allen Mantz
01/24/2010 God's Gift of Life
01/17/2010 When Bad Things Happen
01/10/2010 Another Step With God
01/03/2010 Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone
12/27/2009 All My Heart Today
12/24/2009 Bethlehem - Where Opposites Meet Zion 4 PM Service, Pastor Sunny Stock
To Save Us All Christ Community 7 PM Service, Mark Shellhamer

Special Music sung by Cathy Rhoads Morrow
Mary Did You Know?

12/20/2009 Special Video Message from the Christ Church Sunday School!
Christmas Program Part 1
Christmas Program Part 2

Christmas Program Part 3

Christmas Program Part 4
12/06/2009 Repentance & Relationships
11/29/2009 My Lord, What a Morning!
11/22/2009 Jeff Chipriano - PSU Schuylkill Campus Coalition for Christian Outreach
11/15/2009 Is it the End or the Beginning?
11/08/2009 Mission Rwanda - Guest Speaker Megan Bensinger
11/01/2009 The Lamb Wins
10/25/2009 Faith is the Victory
Special Music from the Piano, Cross, and Chalice Dedication
Carolyn Fisher - Call to Worship and Cross Medley
Joy Nairn - Open the Gates of the Temple
Daniel Heim - Sonatina in G Major
Denise Hafer - Sheep May Safely Graze and Praise Medley
10/18/2009 No sermon this week, special music instead.
10/11/2009 What Do You Love?
10/04/2009 Bend Low
09/27/2009 The Nature of Prayer
09/20/2009 Engage Brain Before Putting Mouth in Gear
09/13/2009 Bugs
09/06/2009 How's Your Hearing?
08/30/2009 Drugs or Jesus - Guest Preacher Mark Shellhamer
08/23/2009 God Loves You
08/16/2009 Be Careful
08/09/2009 Not Available
08/02/2009 Finish Well
07/26/2009 Dealing with Stress
07/19/2009 Night of the Living Dead
07/12/2009 Andy Fish - Family
07/12/2009 A Lesson From Amos
07/05/2009 The Cost of Freedom - Guest Preacher Michael Bensinger!
06/28/2009 Not Available
06/14/2009 Coming soon!  Video message: Arkeology!
06/07/2009 One Calorie Christianity - sorry for the bad sound quality.  Lots of noise interference that day.
05/31/2009 Not Available
05/24/2009 As We Remember Memorial Day
05/17/2009 A Dirty Word (Christ)
05/10/2009 Is It Well With You?
05/03/2009 Like a Shepherd
04/26/2009 Not Available
04/19/2009 Is the Church Relevant?
04/12/2009 A Borrowed Tomb
04/05/2009 Palm Sunday Cantata!
03/29/2009 Abbey Road
03/22/2009 The Good Snake
03/15/2009 Time to Turn the Tables
03/08/2009 Looking to God
03/01/2009 When Did Jesus Die?
02/22/2009 Life After Death
02/15/2009 Managing God's Assets Part 4 - Amazing Grace Giving
02/08/2009 Managing God's Assets Part 3 - An Amazing Misunderstanding
02/01/2009 Managing God's Assets Part 2 - One Year to Live
01/25/2009 Managing God's Assets Part 1 - Watch the Clock
01/18/2009 All that Hate Me Love Death
01/11/2009 Where's Your Spirit?
01/04/2009 Video Message! T.A.G Performs the "Life House" skit
12/28/2008 Why Can't Christmas Last All Year?
12/21/2008 Sunday School Program, no sermon that day.
12/14/2007 The Rag Man
12/07/2008 Sorry, sermon lost due to technical difficulties
11/30/2008 You Haven't Seen Anything Yet!
11/23/2008 Guest Speaker Linda Ambrose from CareNet
11/16/2008 Don't Walk in Your Sleep
11/09/2008 Sorry, sermon lost due to technical difficulties
11/02/2008 Do You Know if You're Going to Heaven?
10/26/2008 Whose Slave Are You?
10/19/2008 Transition Sunday
09/28/2008 What's Going to Work? Teamwork!
09/21/2008 A Daniel's Life
09/14/2008 Prayer is the Soul's Sincere Desire
09/07/2008 We Should All Be Institutionalized
08/31/2008 Getting Your Goodness Back
08/17/2008 How's Your Temple?
08/10/2008 Idle Worship - Guest Preacher Michael Bensinger!
08/03/2008 Transformation - Guest Preacher Michael Bensinger!
07/27/2008 No One Gets Out Alive
07/20/2008 R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
07/13/2008 Husbands & Wives: How to have a good fight
07/06/2008 Biblical Parenting II
06/30/2008 Biblical Parenting I