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Welcome to the Teens About God (T.A.G) page.  Here you will find information on upcoming events and fundraisers.  If you have any questions or need more information, please email  

Parents, scroll down to the last section for helpful information and links just for you! 

Download the 2019 Annual Permission Form Here!

Upcoming TAG/JAG Youth Nights (grades 4-12).
April 5, 19 May 3, 17, 31

Interested in becoming an adult volunteer with T.A.G.?  Get started today!  Fill out this application and deliver it to Mark or Jane Shellhamer.

The Christ Church Child/Youth Protection Policy is available here.

The T.A.G. youth group was formed to provide fellowship, activities, and spiritual guidance for our youth in the NewRinggold Charge and the surrounding area.  The group meets bi-weekly on Friday Nights from 7 PM to 10 PM with the following

  • Fun and Games,

  • Fellowship and Activities, and

  • Lessons that provide a modern perspective for your own life with a Biblical connection to help you grow in your faith.

Information updates are available from several resources.

  • Facebook - we have a Facebook group T.A.G where you can join and receive invitations and updates to all upcoming events.  This is the easiest and most convenient way for you to keep up to date since all new information is sent directly to your email address.

  • This Web page - The same information on Facebook and the Forums will also be posted on this website.  However, you will not receive emails when new information is posted.

Upcoming Events and Fundraisers  

Download the TAG TAG 2019 Annual Permission Form Here!




Apr 6 Sat Christ Church Annual Easter Egg Hunt! You might be too old to hunt them, but now you can hide them! " 
  • Come out at 9AM to help hide the eggs!
  • Invite your younger siblings, cousins, assorted relatives, and friends to come hunt them at 11AM (Ages 0-12).
Apr 27 Chicken BBQ! Come help at the Christ Church Chicken BBQ and get credit for another 10% of profits from the last sub sale!


May 25-27 Memorial Weekend Rafting Trip Annual rafting, camping, and hiking trip! 

Only 20 slots so sign up now with a $25 deposit (cash or sub sale credit) to hold your slot. A food donation list for meals will be posted later when we know who is going. 

  • Ticket Cost: $35.00/Person Covers Rafting Up to 40% of your sub sale profits can be used to pay for this. 60% if you helped to make subs, another 10% if you help at the Christ Church Chicken BBQ in April. 
  • Non-Ticket Cost is 15.00/Person to cover gasoline, and misc supplies. Up to 60% of your sub sale profits can be used to pay the non-ticket fees. 
  • Total Cost then is 50.00 
  • Bring extra spending money for incidentals, snacks, etc. 

Permission forms must be completed and signed by Parent or Guardian. If over 18, you must fill them out and sign yourself.


  • Saturday - Whitewater rafting, set up camp. 
  • Saturday Night - Campfire Fun. 
  • Sunday - Morning Devotions followed by hiking and excursions in the park! Maybe swimming in the afternoon. 
  • Sunday Night - 9:00 PM Evening worship service with communion. 
  • Monday - Break Camp, unplanned excursion in the park on the way out. Home by 3 PM.
June 2019

Mission Trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas!  
We reserved 20 spots for this Mission Trip

June 22-30 2019!  TEAMeffort Youth Mission camps are designed to be a mixture of hard work, spiritual growth and good clean adventurous fun. You can expect to work hard, play hard and laugh hard. It is our desire that at the close of each mission trip you will return to your churches in more cohesive groups, sharing in memories that will last a lifetime and enjoying a renewed excitement about what Jesus Christ is doing in your lives.

Estimated costs per person:


TEAMeffort Mission Fees


All day Kayak trip on Buffalo River


Half day exploration of local Caverns


Hotels Rooms-stay over way there and back.


Fuel for Vans (2,275-mile round trip)


Total Cost/Person

Sign-up now and start raising funds! Ask for a fundraising and information packet if you are interested. 

In the small towns and rural areas in the Ozark Mountains are people who quietly live in deplorable conditions with little hope of change. Youth groups will find this summer mission camp heartbreaking at first as they see the destitute conditions in which people live, but that work will soon become heartwarming as they see the difference they can make in someone's life. 

Reaching out to help these struggling families fix and maintain what little they have brings them a message of Christian caring and service that will open their eyes to Christ's love. Group projects during this summer mission camp will be a mixture of roofing, painting, wheelchair ramp construction, and general clean-up and repair. 

Lodging: Groups will stay at a lodging facility with bunk style housing with a/c, dining hall, basketball and a swimming pool. All meals are provided except for two lunches and two dinners during free time.


July 12-14 Summer Youth Camp at the Boy Scout Camp Details - TBD


Last Word!  The Parent's Section!

Here you will find links and information to help you and your teenager to navigate through this world while keeping a strong faith.

Center for Parent Youth Understanding - CPYU is a nonprofit organization committed to building strong families by serving to bridge the cultural-generational gap between parents and teenagers.

Christian Parenting at - Biblical advise, help, and resources for parents.